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10 Amazing Benefits of Red Banana

red banana benefits

They’re not just Red bananas, they’re “snack-tastic” Red bananas! Therefore, let us grab these mouthwatering wonders, because no one believes that you cannot have some fun even while getting your dose of nutrients.

We say that among the many vibrant gems that scatter the depths of jungles of fruits, there is a one very special banana – the Red one. While, perhaps, their more yellow kin steal the spotlight in the market, the Red bananas quietly wait their turn to show the world their health advantages and unique taste. Try to imagine a banana that is not just sweet, but it’s got the tangy taste too.

What are Red Bananas?

It originated in Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asian countries and it is now widely grown in US, New Zealand, Australia and Pacific island. It is also known either as the Musa acuminata Dacca banana or the Cuban banana, the Colorado banana, the Musa acuminata Dacca banana or the lal Kela, respectively.

Besides vitamins, minerals and calories, it is cheap, low in fat and good for one’s health. It is tasty as well and consumers can buy it fresh from the market or keep it in their fridge at home. A ripe Red banana is soft and sweet on the palate when eaten. This type of bananas are less acidic and sweeter than yellow bananas. This fruit brings many health benefits which explains its popularity as a food.

Learn the amazing benefits of a Red banana for your body.

Red Banana Nutrition

Serving size: One medium Red banana (118 grams)

NutritionAmount per serving
Calories105 calories
Fat0.4 grams
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium1.2 mg
Carbohydrate27 g
Dietary Fibre3.1 g
Sugars14 g
Calcium5.9 mg
Iron0.3 mg

Health Benefits of Red Bananas

1. Excellent supply of potassium

This brings to thoughts the truth that this fruit, in addition to the sweet flavour, has an incredibly wealthy supply of potassium. A Red banana presents a better potassium content than a yellow banana. This is the reason why Red banana is an ideal partner in dealing with high blood pressure and muscle cramps.

2. Improved digestive health

Red bananas complete it all – digestion troubles will be gone for good. You will have a happy gut, your bowels will move smoothly, and your digestive issue will be gone for good due to these beautiful crimson wonders.

3. Immune system boost

In order to protect your immune system fully, it should be supported enough to fight away every invader. You’ve got it covered, you have got Red bananas in your kitchen with powerful antioxidants and vitamins to fuel your body and keep off disease.

4. Healthier heart

The best is what your heart deserves, and Red bananas deliver just that. Within your body, they make your heart feel tremendously well through the reduction of cholesterol, control of blood pressure, and overall improvement of cardiovascular health.

5. Increased energy levels

Fed up with looking for energy boost that will not let you down at all? Ever heard of Red bananas? Ever heard of Red bananas? If not, then believe me, you cannot go wrong with these! With high carbs but low glycemic index give a constant stream of energy that won’t make you tired during the day.

6. Antioxidant properties

The Red banana is well-known to neutralize free radicals and therefore an excellent option to keep them at bay. However, their antioxidant contents come in the form of anthocyanins and flavonoids which help fight against the ones that cause diseases like this by aging gracefully.

7. Hair and skin health

One reason the Red banana is consumable in healthy diet is that it is cheaper than expensive skincare products, therefore why waste money on them? You will be glowing when you eat Red banana with skin-friendly vitamins and minerals. They help to produce collagen, destroy the free radicals, and prevent you from ageing earlier.

8. Helps manage weight

In a world full of sugary temptations, Red bananas offer a guilt-free treat. Their combination of sweetness and fibre keeps hunger pangs at bay, making weight management deliciously achievable.

9. A nutrient-dense alternative

Nutritionally, Red bananas are unbeatable. A blend between the exotic and regular taste they offer a refreshing change from their yellow cousins. They possess a lot of vitamins, minerals and of course antioxidants in large amounts.

10. Enhancing your mood

Having a bad day? You can brighten your day with Red bananas. Red bananas are a delightful way of spicing up your morning or the greyest of days! This fruit not only contains tryptophan as a precursor of serotonin but also helps to boost your mood and calm your mind, making you smile the whole day long.

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Red vs. Yellow Bananas

  • Although yellow bananas are the most favourite fruit in the globe, Red bananas provide a flavorful surprise to your fruit bowl.
  • The super texture of Red bananas being creamier and sweeter than that of yellow bananas is undeniable.
  • Unlike the yellow bananas, Red bananas are widely known for the truth that they have a better beta-carotene and vitamin content material, which makes them great for nourishing the body.
  • Red bananas will boost your plate and enhance your health making it exciting to add to your diet.
  • Make the switch from yellow to Red bananas for a flavorful and nutrient-rich snacking experience.

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Red Banana Side Effects

Remember that eating Red bananas in moderation should still be your consideration even though they are often consumed and said to be harmless.

  • Others may show an allergic reaction to it.
  • The unfortunate possibility of digestive discomfort is also probable as well as what if they consume fruits they are sensitive to, or be allergic to laxatives.
  • Moreover, people with diabetes or insulin resistance may experience spikes in blood glucose levels post-indulgence in consumption in excess.
  • Those who regularly consume Red bananas may experience vomiting, bloating, pain in stomach, loose motions and other undesirable symptoms.
  • And more importantly, eating too many Red bananas can lead to arrhythmias (rapid rise in pulse rate) or increased potassium in the system.


The world has many fruits. The Red banana is like precious gem in plain sight. Be it its yummy taste or the wide range of health benefits which it has to offer, this brilliantly-colored wonder is the exhibition of holistic approaches and the magic of nature. Now, you know why the Red banana is special. Hence the next time you are at your local supermarket, try pick the Red banana instead of the yellow one to add that twist. Your taste buds and your body will feel like bliss.


Do you think Red banana intake is harmful to our health if I eat them daily?

Eating Red bananas daily will aid improvement of the heart, better digestion, stronger immunity, and you will always have the needed energy. Nevertheless, excessive consumption poses the same risks as too much or nothing at all as the correct measure is all that matters to reap all the benefits of consumption without going overboard.

Is Red banana better than the banana with yellow skin?

Red and yellow bananas are highly nutritious and have unique taste as well. While Red bananas have a more significant amount of antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C for example, one would select the banana based on personal preference and dietary choice.

Which time is best to eat Red banana?

No matter whether it is eaten for breakfast or it can add up as the smoothie ingredient or it can be incorporated into various desserts, Red bananas can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Try out various ways to delight yourself by having those fruits and find the most satisfying and enjoyable ways to make you fall in love with Mother Nature’s priceless gem.