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10 Amazing Benefits of Elaichi Banana

elaichi banana

Elaichi Banana – An irresistibly tasty, portable snack that isn’t just a favourite of monkeys, but a quick solution for all your sweet tooth emergencies!

Easily available year-round, bananas are a versatile fruit that offers convenience and sweetness, requiring no more than a peel to enjoy. In the familiarity of bananas, there is a tiny wonder that may have escaped your attention – the bite-sized Elaichi Bananas. In just one or two bites, these desi delights offer a unique twist to bananas. Yelakki bananas, also known as Elaichi bananas, are widely available online and in stores as a stamina-boosting superfood. So let’s take a look at how this super fruit can improve your fitness!

What are Elaichi Bananas?

This variety is known as Elaichi Banana in Mumbai and Yelakki Banana in Bengaluru. Elaichi banana (Cardamom banana) is a type of banana that is mostly grown in Bihar, Bengaluru and respectively. These bananas are said to be far more beneficial than the everyday bananas we consume. These bananas are smaller in size when compared to regular bananas and the taste is also slightly different. These bananas are preferred for desserts as the flesh of these bananas is creamer and sweeter creamer than the other types.

Nutritional Value of Elaichi Bananas

Serving Size1 fruit
Energy186 kj
44 kcal
Saturated Fat0.056g
Monounsaturated Fat0.016g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.036g

Health Benefits of Elaichi Bananas

Here are some of the health benefits of Elaichi Bananas;

1. Healthier digestive system

Fibres in elaichi banana promotes digestion and regular bowel movements. Regular intake is useful for digestive fitness and stalls constipation away.

2. Mental health and better mood

The trypthophan present in elaichi bananas can control mood and increase relaxation. Besides raising psychological well-being, its intake may as well lessen stress levels.

3. Weight management support

Despite their sweetness, Elaichi Bananas can help you lose weight.The fibre in them makes one feel full at anytime and avoids overeating while their low-fat nature allows one to feel no guilt indulging in them as snack every now and then.

4. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level

Elaichi bananas generally have a moderate GI, which puts them in the safe category for diabetics when they are eaten in moderate portion size like 1 or 2 daily. Fibre helps to slow down sugar absorption thus it stops sharp blood glucose spikes.

5. Hair and skin health

Elaichi bananas consists of vitamin together with antioxidants which supports the skin and hair. It has vitamin C that promotes collagen production, keeps skin elasticity smooth while antioxidants are crucial for the slowing down of the aging processes.

6. Healthier bones

The calcium and magnesium content of elaichi bananas is helpful for bones. Regular ingestion can prevent osteoporosis and keep bones healthy.

7. Relieving menstrual symptoms

Women experiencing menstrual discomfort may find relief from Elaichi Bananas. Aside from the pain reduction factors of bloating, cramps, and mood swings associated with PMS, vitamin B6 also helps hormone regulation.

8. Energy booster

Elaichi bananas are a powerful energy source due to their high carbohydrate content. They provide a quick, sustained energy boost shortly after consumption thanks to natural sugars including glucose, fructose, and sucrose.

9. Powerhouse of nutrients

Although all bananas are packed with nutrients, Elaichi bananas stand out for their superior nutritional profile. In addition to providing essential vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, minerals like Potassium and Magnesium, and dietary fibre, they support overall health and well-being, boosting immunity, energy levels, heart health, digestion, and more.

10. Babies’ power food

For their growing bodies, our little humans require extra nutrition and energy. In addition to helping babies gain weight, elaichi bananas provide 30% of their daily nutritional requirements.

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Can diabetics eat Elaichi Bananas?

Yes, elaichi bananas are one of the best snacks for people with diabetes, because they are able to keep the energy level stable through their daily diets. Due to high carbohydrate composition and sugar-impacting mechanism, portion control is mandatory. Elaichi Bananas possess a comparatively lower glycemic index than other banana varieties. Elaichi bananas can be a valuable companion in maintaining and regulating blood sugar levels with their taking on a daily basis.

Regular Bananas Vs. Elaichi Bananas

Carbohydrates and nutrients in Elaichi bananas are more than those in regular bananas. Yet, the farming of those sorts of bananas is quite tricky and they also have a price tag much higher than the staple bananas, which are readily grown and affordable too.

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The health benefits of bananas are so many and Elaichiil bananas are more advantageous than ordinary bananas. The great impact of Elaichi bananas are multifaceted as they help to cure digestive health problems, boost the body’s defence system, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So the next time you crave a nutritious snack, pick an Elaichi Banana!

FAQs on Elaichi Banana Benefits

How does Elaichi Banana benefit you?

Elaichi bananas not only offer multiple advantages to our health but also enhanced digestion, supported cardiac health, strengthened immunity, energy enhancement, mood regulation, aiding weight loss, healthy skin and hair, improved bone health, and could come in handy during the menstrual cycle.

Why is Elaichi Banana so expensive?

Eliachi banana can only be produced in some specific areas and more expensive than normal banana, which can be produced almost everywhere and costs a lot less. While there are numerous factors that determine the price, these include fluctuations in supply and demand, weather conditions that impact agriculture, transport cost, government policies, and market dynamics.

Is Elaichi Banana so named for a reason?

These bananas are known as Elaichi or Yelakki because of their small size and not because of their flavour.