About Us

Having a baby opens a whole new chapter in your life. A chapter that many of us walk into without any experience or knowledge. A chapter that requires us to learn new skills, new tips to deal with your little one, new on-the-go problems solving methods, and also new ways to make your life easier. Entering this chapter of your life is going to be a rollercoaster ride that brings all kinds of emotions for you and your baby. But one thing is for certain, the chapters always close with a happily ever after.

Teaching your kids is part of every parent’s journey but another often unconsidered part is what the kids teach us or what you learn as part of being a parent. We at Yummy Valley are here to show you the ropes of being a parent and to make parenting easier for you and your loved ones. And for starters, we want to help you with the most important parenting need of all your baby’s nutrition.

Bringing Transparency & Accountability In Nutrition

Packaged FMCG products have been popular around the world for a long time now. They have penetrated into almost every industry including the food industry. Even though there are several regulatory checks in place and certifying bodies at almost every stage of the process, there are problems. There is no way to fully ensure that an individual package is of the same standard as every other pack. How can we track each ingredient that goes into every pack?

Yummy Valley’s unique QR code system allows consumers to scan a QR code and see all the ingredients that have gone into the products – the dates of harvesting of each ingredient, the farms they are sourced from are all available.