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The Vision
Of Yummy Valley

Choosing 100% Natural for your baby is a healthy choice.

Yummy Valley offers a healthy choice for babies and parents.
Started with a vision to make healthy food fun and accessible to all families.

The right kind of healthy food for your little ones that is safe and fresh from the farms.
We know that parents only want the best for their babies and every baby has different health needs, so Yummy Valley offers a wide range of organic and natural foods for babies.

Start early and start healthy with Yummy Valley, We believe that proper nutrition is essential to developing a healthy mind and body, especially during those critical first years when a baby’s immune system is still growing. Delivering complete fresh and safe baby food fresh from the farms to our consumers. Yummy Valley products include Kerala Banana Powder, Millet Health Mix, Sprouted Ragi Powder etc.

  • Yummy Valley was founded with the vision of making healthy food fun and accessible to all families.
  • No Refined Sugar or Preservatives.
  • Providing fresh and safe baby food straight from the farms to consumers.
  • Yummy Valley offers an array of organic and natural products, including: Kerala Banana Powder, Millet Health Mix, Sprouted Ragi Powder etc.

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Asked Questions

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Yes, all our products are 100% vegetarian. We only use natural ingredients in all our products.

All Yummy Valley products do not contain added refined sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. Yay! It is a lot, but we want to make sure that your child gets the best, so we keep a lot of stuff out of our products for the sake of your child.

The following reasons account for the short shelf life of Yummy Valley:

  • No preservatives
  • No Adulteration
  • No chemicals or additives
  • No artificial flavours or colours

Yummy Valley delivers across India.

It takes about 4 to 6 days for Yummy Valley to deliver its products in Kerala and 8 to 10 days in other states. 

Yummy Valley products are always recommended for kids, however some products can be consumed by adults too.

Yes, you can buy Yummy Valley products from:

  • Online website
  • Amazon
  • Reputed retailers, Medical shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
  • From personally visited farms (It is possible to trace the ingredients source details of Kerala Banana Powder by scanning the QR code printed on the product package)
  • From reputed merchants/suppliers which follows our strict quality standards.

When your baby is ready for solids, they will:

  • Can sit upright when supported and has good head and neck control
  • Shows an interest in food by looking at your plate, for example
  • Reach out for your food
  • Open their mouth when you give them food on a spoon.


It is common for babies to show these signs around 6 months of age; however, this can vary.

Introducing solids before 4 months is not recommended.

Suppose you have a family history of allergies to a particular ingredient. In that case, you may want to exercise caution and do a 3-5 day allergy trial, just as you would with any other food. It’s best to consult a paediatrician before taking any action.

Below is a list of ways to make Yummy Valley products interesting for the baby:

  • Add honey.
  • Add fresh cut fruits.
  • Add ghee.
  • Add dry fruits.
  • Add Date powder or date syrup.

A container with an airtight seal is ideal for storing baby food, away from direct sunlight.

Our products are perfectly fine to be taken on Flights.

The idea of Yummy Valley was conceived when Mrs Sehla Mohammed (Director of Nippon group of companies) was on the lookout for a Healthy, Nutritious and Safe food for their little one.