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Of Yummy Valley

Choosing 100% Natural for your baby is a healthy choice.

Our vision is to bring healthy, flavorful food to the younger generation and parents. Make a change now to ensure your children’s growing bodies get the nutrition they need. We use fresh, healthy ingredients in our products to promote good health.

Mrs. Sehla Moopan, the Director of Autobahn Group of Companies and Nippon Toyota, noticed how difficult it was to find the right healthy foods to feed her children. She ensured they ate nutritious meals that provided plenty of vitamins and nutrients but not any additives.

Our products are all natural, free of additives, and contain no added or refined sugars. We also offer several gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

  • Our vision is to bring healthy, flavorful food to the younger generation and parents.
  • To ensure your children’s growing bodies get the nutrition they need.
  • To provide the right healthy food to feed the children.
  • To promote health by using fresh, healthy ingredients.

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Yes. Our products are 100% vegeterian and contain only fresh ingredients.

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in providing products containing NO added refined sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, or dye. It’s crucial to our brand to keep these ingredients out of our products because they’re unnecessary and often linked to health issues in children.

The shelf life of Yummy Valley products is significantly shorter than other products because we’re not using preservatives, chemicals, additives, and other artificial ingredients. When you’re serving our products to your children, you provide them with fresh food that doesn’t contain all that harmful junk commonly added to products found in the market to make them last longer.

Yummy Valley products are available at leading stores in various states in India. We have marked our presence in 2000 stores in Kerala, 1000 stores in Karnataka and 500 stores in Maharashtra.

Find your nearest store @ https://yummy-valley.com/store-locations/

You can expect to receive your order within four to six days if you live in Kerala. Delivery may take up to 10 days for those living outside of Kerala.

Although Yummy Valley products are for children, adults can safely enjoy these flavorful foods!

To shop and learn more about Yummy Valley products, visit our website https://yummy-valley.com/shop

You can also shop our products also from Amazon and Flipkart.

We get the ingredients used in our products from farms that we’ve personally visited. In addition, you can trace the source of the ingredients and additional details of our Kerala Banana Powder by scanning its QR code. We also get some of our ingredients from reputable suppliers with strict quality assurance standards.

These foods are best for little ones who can sit up with full neck control, have reached out for your food, or are already opening their mouth when you hold a spoon near their lips. Most babies will show these signs at about six months of age.

Once you’ve opened one of our products, store the leftovers in an airtight container, placing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its freshness.