International Day of the Girl Child

Every year on October 11, we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child, which empowers girls and amplifies their voices. The International Day of the Girl Child celebrated on March 8, emulates its adult counterpart, International Women’s Day, by encouraging women to open doors to adolescent girls. Furthermore, this day aims to eliminate gender-based challenges that little girls face worldwide, such as child marriage, poor education, and violence. 

This year’s theme for the day known as “Day of the Girl Child” is “Digital generation.”. This theme is intended to raise awareness about girls’ disadvantages in the digital age. More than 2.2 billion young people under 25 do not have access to the internet, with girls constituting the majority. 

In many cultures, boys have a better chance of getting an education and opportunities because they are males, and this day celebrates many girls. The number of unemployed, uneducated, or untrained girls is higher than that of unemployed, uneducated, or untrained boys worldwide. Even though today is officially recognized as International Girls’ Day, much more must be done to improve girls’ lives.

History Of International Day Of The Girl Child

It has been recognized as “International Day of the Girl Child” or “International Girls’ Day” since December 19, 2011. An international resolution was passed by the UN General Assembly proclaiming October 11 as International Girls’ Day.  

During the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing, the Beijing Declaration called for women’s and girls’ rights. A blueprint for addressing the issues faced by adolescent girls worldwide has never been presented in history.

An international non-governmental organization, Plan International, created the International Day of the Girl Child as part of its “Because I am a Girl” campaign. Plan International operates in around 70 countries around the world. Globally and especially in developing countries, where conditions are worse, the campaign aimed to spread awareness of the importance of nurturing girls. 

Girls were meant to be nurtured, their rights promoted, and brought out of poverty through the campaign, designed to strengthen girls living in developing countries. During the campaign, the Canadian federal government was requested to seek a coalition of supporters to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child. It was eventually the United Nations that became involved.

How To Observe International Day Of The Girl Child

Actively participate in the theme

The International Day of the Girl Child has always had a specific theme since it began in 1999. Promote the theme of the year via social media using the hashtag #BrighterFutureForGirls.

Make the girls around you feel special!

When are birthdays or special dates the only times when girls around us are made to feel special? Don’t forget to empower your adolescent daughter, sister, or any other young lady in your life with your appreciation and empowerment.

Take part in a campaign to empower girls

Those girls who will soon become women need strong, disciplined men to nurture them. Don’t be afraid to join your girls in spreading awareness about gender-based inequality and violence.

Why the International Day Of The Girl Child Is Important

It empowers girls

The call for the rights of little girls silently oppressed worldwide among the noise of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even Women’s Day is an outstanding step. This day, we recognize the lassies who brighten up our world.

 In addition to preventing infant mortality, an educated and skilled woman will manage her household more efficiently and contribute more to society than one who is uneducated, unskilled, and subject to social abuse.

Gender-based issues are eliminated

Discrimination and oppression based on gender have been deeply entrenched issues and poorly held mindsets for generations, particularly in developing countries. On International Girl Child Day, little girls around the world are encouraged to end their tragic predicaments.

Girls become empowered women

Every person’s life is transformed during adolescence. The trajectory of a girl’s life is determined during her youth, which is why providing care for girls during this time is important. Empowering young girls at vulnerable ages can help them develop into liberated, wise women in the future. It’s a win-win for everyone as a society. Spreading awareness in society has resulted in all the initiatives to nurture girls. 

Underprivileged girls are given a platform to raise their voices for equality of rights, education, and healthcare by celebrating this day internationally. In addition to speaking about the violence they suffer, it allows them to ask for an end to this cruel treatment. Our work to raise their voices will benefit them and help them overcome these inequalities.