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Feeding your newborn: Do’s and Don’ts

Our Advice On Feeding Your Newborn Baby

Hello new-moms! You must be experiencing utmost happiness after being blessed with your angels. This phase of life is wonderful for sure, but at the same time, full of worries and anxieties. Being a new mother, it is not possible for you to know everything and that’s perfectly normal. So, do not worry a bit and enjoy the blessing you have in your arms and prepare yourself to take the best care for the little one.

Caring for your baby surely starts with feeding and we are here to help you understand the specifics of newborn feeding. We will talk about what to do and what to avoid.

Food choice for your newborn has just two options. Either breastfeed (which is obviously the most preferable one) or formula milk (can’t avoid this if the situation demands). In case you are not able to breastfeed your baby, you will have to go for formula milk. You will surely get detailed guidelines for preparing and using formula milk from your paediatrician. Here, we will discuss the things you need to keep in mind while breastfeeding your newborn baby.

The Do’s:

Feeding your newborn

Positive thinking: Positive attitude towards life solves most of the troubles. Breastfeeding is a serious thing and unless you are very positive about the process, you are sure to face trouble. Yes, it can happen that your baby is unable to latch properly for feeding, or you may face the problem of having a low supply of breast milk. All your problems can be sorted with ease if you maintain positive thinking. 

Asking for expert help: It is not possible for a first-time mother to understand the right way of holding the baby while breastfeeding. You may also find it difficult to understand why the baby is not able to latch properly. In such cases, do not hesitate to ask for expert help. In general, the elderly females in the family will help you to solve the problems. You can also take the help of professional lactation specialists.

Cleanliness is important: Make sure to maintain proper hygiene. The feeding bottles need regular cleaning and so does your breasts. You must clean your nipples with a moist cloth each time before feeding your baby; else the accumulated sweat and dirt on your skin will harm your baby.

Eat and drink healthy: Whatever you eat or drink provides you with nutrition. These nutrients are then converted into breast milk. Thus, you have to make sure that you are properly nourished so that the required nourishments can be passed on to your baby. There are cases where the mothers have enough breast milk, but the milk is not nutritious enough for the baby. In such situations, the paediatricians have no other choice but to prescribe formula milk. It is thus important to maintain a healthy diet for nursing mothers.

Stay away from stress: Stress affects the quality and quantity of breast milk. Stay calm while you feed your baby. In case you are very stressed due to unavoidable reasons, give yourself some time to recover from the situation. The best way is to spend some time alone with your baby and then begin feeding.

The Don’ts

No smoking – no alcohol: Smoking and drinking is a big NO for nursing moms. You have to keep yourself under control (in case you are addicted to any of these) for the sake of your baby.

Do not wait to feed till the baby cries: Newborn babies must be fed at regular intervals. In general, the gap between two feedings must not be more than two hours. Sometimes the baby may not cry to be fed, so you have to look for signs like sucking fingers, opening the mouth, or searching for the nipples, etc. Do not wait till the baby starts crying for hunger. Even when your baby is sleeping, make sure to wake him up and feed in time. Learn more about what your baby is trying to communicate by clicking here

Don’t say no to modern gadgets: Modern mothers are blessed with the availability of extraordinary gadgets to make breastfeeding easier. A working mother can easily take the benefit of breast pumps to extract breast milk and use it when she is not at home. If the baby is unable to latch properly due to the shape or size of the nipple, you can use the breast shields. The breast or nipple shields are also helpful at times when you develop sore nipples. Do not hesitate to use the gadgets with the notion that your mother or grandmother never used such things. They didn’t because they didn’t have them. Why should you deprive yourself?

Never say ‘I Can’t’: Your baby may not latch properly or latch at all for the first few days. You may not produce a single drop of milk for the first few days. You may have a very low supply of breast milk and the doctor has to prescribe formula milk. Do not lose hope if any of these happens. Make yourself strong and chant the magic words ‘I can’! Miracles do happen and it is seen in several instances that the troubles are gone with time.

A happy mother can nurture a happy baby. Remember that when you are feeding your baby, you are providing the little one with the most nutritious and tasty food. Feeding the newborn can be tough at times, but it is the most blissful experience of life. Enjoy this phase to the fullest till it lasts.