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Free Millet Mojo Snack With Millet Muesli & Porridge Mixes
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5 Healthy Recipes My Toddler Loves

Healthy Recipes My Toddler Loves

Healthy Recipes My Toddler Loves

Coming up with healthy and nutritious toddler meal ideas is a challenge. Good nutrition gives your kid what she or he needs for health, growth, and energy for learning, moving, and playing. Also, the toddler years will be full of discovery and exploring. As parents, the best thing we can do is feed our toddlers with a wide variety of foods from each food group. Their diet should constitute different textures, tastes, and colors. As feeding our toddlers is hard work, it is 100% okay to make it easy on yourself when needed. While planning toddler meal ideas for my little one, I consider my child’s eating abilities as well as preferences. Then I adjust my baby’s diet as needed.


While preparing healthy recipes for my toddler, I try to balance what I offer by including proteins such as meat, nuts, dairy, or beans. Besides, I often try to include some healthy fat, fruit, veggies, whole grain, or a whole grain bread product. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your toddler is exposed to a variety of textures and nutrients. Try to adjust the food based on what your kids like and what’s fresh at your store. You can also try varying the protein content to make them vegan or vegetarian as needed. While feeding your baby, it’s okay to be flexible! For instance, if your toddler is not using a spoon with any accuracy, then let your baby use her hands. If there is intolerance in your house, use dairy-free or gluten-free substitutes. Toddlers often enjoy very simple foods. The diet of little kids does not have to be complicated. So, try to keep it simple! I hope that these ideas inspire on those busy nights when you’re scrambling to serve up something healthy.

Quick Yogurt Parfait – a healthy kids meal idea

Bowl of oat granola with yogurt, fresh blueberries, mulberry, strawberries, kiwi, banana, mint and nuts board for healthy breakfast, top view, copy space, flat lay. vegetarian food concept. Free Photo

Yogurt is a healthful and apt food for toddlers, especially for the ones who don’t drink a lot of milk. Moreover, yogurt is a good source of calcium. We may think that our little ones are doing well with this one as they already eat yogurt. However, if our baby consumes yogurt with no added probiotics and extra sugar, then the baby will miss out on the nutritional benefits of yogurt. All you need to prepare nutritious quick yogurt parfait is granola, plain yogurt, and some leftover sweet potato. First, you need to layer all these ingredients in a small bowl or mason jar. This also works with sweet potato, yogurt and squash blended. You can also use a favorite non-dairy yogurt if required.

Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Fried Meat With Potato Fries and Ketchup Dip on Plate

Children love ordering chicken tenders while at restaurants. So why not give it a try and try making our very own at home. The delicious dish of buttermilk chicken tenders is soaked in buttermilk. This will make them juicy as well as moist. Needless to say, our toddlers will love them!

Toddlers love Vegan Mac with Cheese

White Ceramic Bowl With Cereal

If your kid has a lactose allergy or follows a vegan lifestyle no need to worry! Your little ones and yourself do not need to miss out on a favorite dish like mac and cheese. All you need is some macaroni and some delicious vegan cheese to toss it with. You can also pair your vegan mac and cheese with some sort of vegetables. My favorite add-ins include roasted brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower, roasted asparagus, thawed frozen green peas, broccoli, or cooked kale. This Vegan Mac with Cheese recipe will satisfy your kid’s craving all the while providing your children with an excellent serving of nutritious rich vegetables. 


Breakfast Cereal

Nutritious milky breakfast with cereals and nuts Free Photo

Although a bowl full of sugary and starch-rich cereal is not a healthy breakfast, many other nutritious breakfast bowls of cereal can be a healthy part of your toddler’s diet. When choosing a breakfast cereal for your little ones, try to look for good choices that include whole-grain cereal. For instance, choose calcium-fortified breakfast cereal that has added fiber. You may also look for a cereal that provides vitamins, extra iron, and other minerals depending on the rest of your toddler’s diet. In general, some healthy cereals that many kids like include shredded wheat, total raisin bran, multi-grain cheerios, and cheerios. Add a few strawberries or a chopped banana to the bowl, and young ones will like it even more.

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Pancake

Selective focus shot of apple pancakes with apples and other ingredients on the table Free Photo

For the preparation, all you need is a peeled and cubed sweet potato, ghee, some ground cinnamon, and a ripe banana. To prepare sweet potato cinnamon pancakes, first, you need to steam and puree the sweet potatoes. Then blend this mixture with bananas until they are smooth. To make them runny inconsistency you need to add water. Heat the ghee in a pan and mix the cinnamon powder in the mixture. Then you can spoon out the mixture into a pan and make small pancakes. Each pancake uses almost 2 teaspoons of the mixture. You should let it cook well on both sides and then allow the pancakes to cool. Further, drizzling these pancakes with honey before giving it to your little one can enhance the nutritional value as well as taste.


I understand it can be a struggle to get a nutritious or healthy meal on your kid’s table every night – and then another struggle in encouraging your toddlers to eat it. Kids can be picky. We all want our children to eat a variety of foods as it is the only way to get them used to new things and add nutrition. As parents, we all want our children to eat a wide range of foods. We should try to promote healthy eating habits for toddlers. Parents should realize that mealtimes are not about pleasing their kids. Instead, it should help them get the nutrition their bodies need. A variety of foods can establish a healthy eating habit in your kid. What toddlers drink and eat during their early years will affect their health and growth for many years to come. 

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