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The New Mother: How to effectively take care of yourself after giving birth

effectively take care of yourself after giving birth

Effectively take care of yourself after giving birth

The New Mother: How to effectively take care of yourself after giving birth

The time after giving birth is a joyous time for a mother. However, it is a period of healing and adjustment. The first six weeks after childbirth is called the postpartum period. During these weeks, you will have a post-delivery checkup with your doctor to examine your health. This can be the most beautiful phase of your life in which you will develop the initial bond with your baby. 

After the birth of my baby, I experienced some challenges in adjusting to my everyday life. I had to take care of myself while taking care of my baby. Adjusting to motherhood can be hard especially if you are a new mother. Usually, new mothers do not return to their offices or workplaces for at least the first six weeks after birth. This time allows them to adapt as well as develop a new normal. I also experienced some sleepless nights as my baby has to be fed and changed diaper often. I felt this was frustrating and tiresome until settling into a routine. 

There are a few tips that you can follow for an easier transition. Never forget to take care of yourself. Giving little priority to self is very important in this period!

Take rest whenever you can 

I was not able to sleep much in the hospital after giving birth. The first few weeks after giving birth are an important time for us mothers to rest whenever we can. I used to sleep and rest when my baby sleeps. I limited visitors for at least the first 2 weeks so that I can rest and get breastfeeding well established. Getting plenty of rest helped me with recovery. To cope with tiredness and fatigue I tried to get as much as sleep possible. As my baby woke up every two to three hours for feeding, I made sure that I got enough rest and sleep whenever I can. You should call your doctor if you can’t sleep or feel anxious most of the time.

Seek help if required

It is always a good idea to recruit help regardless of whether it is your first or fourth baby. I asked my friends and family members to help with household chores, running errands, cooking, and childcare, especially during the first week. This can be instrumental in your postpartum recovery as it will free up some time in your new and busy schedule. 

The first month of having a new-born baby at your home can be quite overwhelming. I felt like all of my time is focused on caring for my baby. I was not afraid to ask for help during this time. I didn’t hesitate to accept help from my friends and family during my postpartum period. Your body needs to heal after this period. You can get much-needed rest by seeking practical help around the home. My family and friends helped to care for my other children in the home. They also helped with preparing meals and running errands. 

Eat healthy to stay strong

You can promote healing by eating healthy meals and maintaining a healthy diet. I increased my intake of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and protein during my postpartum period. Moms should also increase their fluid intake after giving birth. An increased fluid intake is especially important if you are breastfeeding. While nursing baby you may find that you become very thirsty. Milk and water are good choices.

Talk with a registered dietitian or your healthcare provider if you want to learn more about postpartum nutrition. Nowadays many certified lactation consultants are available who can help with advice about breastfeeding and nutrition. It is important to care for yourself while looking after your new-born. Whether you delivered by C-section or vaginally, your body has experienced trauma throughout your entire pregnancy and during the delivery. I allowed myself to become the best mother I can be by allowing myself to properly recover. 

Exercise daily

Exercise is another important factor during the postpartum period. My doctor let me know when it is OK to exercise. However, the activity should not be strenuous. If you have had a cesarean section do not lift anything heavier than your baby. After giving birth, I used to take long walks near my house. But a change of scenery can be refreshing and will increase your energy level. During pregnancy and birth, your body has undergone many changes. Besides rest, you need time to recover. For the first week after delivery limit stair climbing as much as possible. It is important to seek professional help from experts or doctors when needed.

Make baby care simple

You can follow a simple baby care routine in the initial days than trying to specialise in every step of baby-sitting from day one. As babies do not need a bath every day, you can keep your baby’s care simple. Just wipe off the baby’s face, hands, and diaper area daily. Once you get used to with the baby care routines expand the steps to bathing, oil massaging, exercising baby etc. It is always a better idea to seek help from experts around to bath or burp baby in the initial days.  

Be Positive!

After giving birth, you will need to start rebuilding the positive energy as your body and mind would have exhausted. Even if you can only manage to sleep, care for your baby, and eat that is enough. A mother needs to progress through many changes during the postpartum period and it’s okay to take time. To recover both emotionally and physically, you should be practical and positive to changing roles in life. 


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