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The Basics of Bedtime Routine for babies

bedtime routine

Bedtime Routine for Babies


You’ll experience something different when you become a parent than anything you’ve ever done before. With every developmental milestone, your baby achieves, new questions arise about the overall growth of the child.

During the developing years, you should start thinking about establishing a bedtime routine for your baby when he or she is three months old. When the baby falls into a regular sleeping habit each night, a healthy bedtime routine, coupled with a set schedule for the night, benefits the child’s overall development. In addition to providing the parents with plenty of time to relax, a set bedtime routine also allows them to bond with their children. This article will explain exactly how you can set up a calming and sound bedtime routine for your child.


How to Start Your Baby’s Bedtime Routine


It is not necessary to rush into bedtime routines. As a newborn, you do not need a routine to fall asleep since you sleep most of the time anyway. A bedtime routine is ready for your baby when she is three months old. You can help your baby develop good sleeping habits by introducing a simple and consistent routine. It should be the goal to introduce a regular sleep time in the evening between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. To start, set up a short routine and gradually extend it as time goes on.


Baby Bedtime Routine Benefits

bedtime routine


In our day-to-day lives, if things go according to plan, we’re happy and relaxed. You’ll find the same with your baby too! Fixing an evening routine for the baby sets the right mood at the right time, and she feels relaxed and gets a good night’s sleep. When followed while travelling, a bedtime routine helps ease a baby’s transition to a new environment. For parents as well, a bedtime routine can be a helpful practice. By setting aside time for their children, parents can devote more time to them. Ensure the baby is properly fed before bedtime. Try out healthy baby food from Yummy Valley.


Building a Good Bedtime Routine

bedtime routine


As a first step toward setting up a bedtime routine for your infant, it is imperative to start early in the evening. For small babies, start by washing them and changing their diapers, then changing them into their jammies. If you have cleaned up after the baby, you can rock him or her in your arms or in a rocking chair, and then he or she will fall asleep. Additionally, remember to follow this routine in the room that your baby sleeps in and not a room elsewhere in the house. It is imperative you make the bedroom the place where your baby gets to sleep.


Ideas for a Perfect Bedtime Routine


You can use the following tips to help your child set up a healthy bedtime routine.


Wind up early: 


After you finish your usual household work about 30 minutes before bedtime, you should move on to a more relaxing and quiet activity. Using this method, you can signal your child that bedtime is near.


Set a Time for Bedtime Routine: 


It is important for you to set a reasonable wind-down time before she goes to sleep for your baby based on her age and temperament. As an example, infants typically prepare for bed in approximately five minutes. In contrast, toddlers will need more time to wind down before bedtime and hence their bedtime routine will last longer than that of infants.


Maintain the Time: 


A bedtime routine that you follow at around the same time every day will be of great benefit to your baby. You will help your baby to sleep on time now and in the long run by doing this.


Give a Bath Before Bed: 


Bathing babies in warm water before bedtime is a great way to relax them. You should therefore give your baby a lukewarm bath before bedtime, ensuring that she is relaxed, clean, dry, and comfortable before she falls asleep.

You should avoid bathing before bedtime if your child gets excited after a bath and gets into play mode, as has been observed in some cases.


Getting Ready for Bed Routine: 


As part of the pre-bedtime routine, wash your baby’s face, wipe the baby clean, and dress her in her nightgown. Each of these activities should be introduced to your baby at the earliest possible stage in order that her to develop them into healthy bedtime habits.


Dress your Baby Appropriately: 


Toddlers who are overdressed for sleep may experience disturbed sleep and night sweats. Ensure your daughter wears comfortable nightwear.


Introduce Bedtime Stories: 


When your baby is sleeping, it is a great time to read stories to them. Furthermore, inculcating this habit will guarantee your baby’s success at reading in the long run.


Introduce an Attachment Object: 


Something on a child’s side makes them fall asleep faster. It can be a favourite toy, a pillow, or whatever the child prefers to sleep with. Your baby may feel more comfortable and relaxed at bedtime if you use this attachment object.


Keep the Ending Consistent: 


Set a definite end to the bedtime routine. Leave the room after reading or singing a story, or while turning on a nightlight. If you do the same thing every night with an end in sight, your child will be set up to fall asleep after it is time to go. The last act you perform will lead to your child realizing that it is time to calm down and fall asleep.


Are There Any Drawbacks of Baby Sleep Routine?

bedtime routine


Your baby’s bedtime routine must also be flexible, just like any other routine. The mood of your baby will fluctuate as she gets older, and she may resist her usual bedtime routine at times. Changing before sleeping may be out of the question for her, and if she has grown up, she might not want to brush her teeth either. All parents must accept that this may be the case. Depending on the child’s growing needs, your bedtime routine may also have to change. Pay attention to what your child says and make any necessary adjustments to the routine if necessary. Changes can be as simple as the order of activities in the bedtime ritual or even removing one step of the routine. Make your decision based on what’s appropriate for the situation. Make sure you don’t compromise your child’s comfort so they can fit into a rigid schedule.


Both mother and child benefit from a regular bedtime routine by reducing stress levels. Establishing a healthy bedtime routine for your baby will benefit them greatly. Keep your routine flexible and change it whenever your child feels comfortable.


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