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20 Best Indian Snacks Popular Across The World

popular indian snacks list

India’s cuisine varies as much from region to region as the country’s customs do, whether you move from north to south or from east to west. It’s like a journey from the busy streets in Mumbai to the serene villages in Kerala; Indian snacks always showcase real delicious and delectable dishes in their different tastes and flavours.

Regardless of numerous local flavours available in India, these snacks have become globally appreciated and have many devotees not only in India but in other parts of the world. This is because of their particular taste and texture that is loved every food lover. as we take this flavorful trip, check out top 20 must-try Indian snacks that have made their mark not only in the local cuisine but also all over the globe.

List of Popular Indian Snacks

Here are the 20 best Indian snacks list that are popular across the world;

1. Murukku


The crispness and tastefulness of murukku are the main reasons for it to be titled as the most popular South Indian snack. They are produced with rice flour, urad dal flour and spices and then fried to the point of perfection. In addition to the fact that it’s a favourite snack, murukku is known for its versatility too. Either consume it as a delightful treat or pair it with chutneys and dips for a pleasantly different snack alternative. Whether it be a mundane evening or a festive occasion, murukku always works its magic to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your crunchy food cravings. The snack’ shape is also its unique selling point, along with the spiciness that accounts for its popularity not only in our country but beyond borders too.

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2. Khakhra


With its humble origins in Gujarat, a state in western India, the popularity of khakhra is derived from its ability to combine a cracker’s crunchiness with the richness of all traditional Indian spices. The thin, crispy roti encompasses the incredible aroma of cumin, chilli, or fenugreek and thus adds a very fine finish to any meal, whether it may be from tangy chutneys or a masterpiece of toppings. Thus, every bite becomes an adventure of taste and a pure joy. Be it a spice loving person or a savoury snacks lover, khakhra makes your mouth water, and you can almost close your eyes and picture the buzzing streets of Gujarat.

3. Sev


It is a very popular snack in India that people also call it karasev or just sev. It is the most significant Diwali delicacy and is just what you need to make your mouth water and bring joy to your taste buds. This crunchy bite is expertly crafted filled with love using besan (chickpea flour), seasoned with a myriad of spices like turmeric, chilli, and cumin. As it begins its journey in hot oil, it undergoes a magical transformation into golden strands of pure bliss, tempting people from all corners of the world. Either as a plain snack or on top of chaat and other treats, Sev’s crispy crunch, and addictive flavours are sure to leave you begging for more.

4. Bhel


Bhelpuri a snack from the busy streets of Mumbai is simply an explosion of flavour and texture and has an exciting taste. Made up of the crispy puffed rice, zesty tamarind chutney, and hot green chutney it is a mouth party. Excellent to add some excitement to any social gathering or late night hunger.

5. Papad


Papadum or papad is so subtle, gorgeous, and crispy thin, fried or roasted as a snack. It is sun-dried and made from lentil or chickpea flour with seasoning from a variety of spices and herbs mixed in it. A combination of flavours and textures makes papadum a must-have quintessential part of any Indian meal, providing inimitable crunch and a burst of delectable flavour.

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6. Dry Samosa

Dry Samosa

In contrast to its fried cousin, the dry samosa goes a far healthier way. These fun snacks with a blend of patties and a savoury combination of potato, peas, and diverse condiments come in handy for those who wish to enjoy their mini vice just as much as they strive to accomplish fitness goals.

7. Chikki


The Indian brittle which is also known as good old chikki is a favourite candy that contains the rich flavours of caramelised jaggery along with the crunch of the nuts that might come from peanuts, cashews or almonds. The delightful snack, moulded into smaller pieces, is a staple at celebrations like Makar Sankranti, contributing a delightful sweetness and cheer to the rituals.

8. Banana Chips or Upperi

banana chips

These banana snacks, which is known as upperi in certain regions of South India, are prepared by slicing bananas into thin layers and frying them until they give a wonderful crispy golden color. Whether they are lightly seasoned with a pinch of salt or a rich mix of appetising spices, these savoury-sweet chips will definitely take you on an adventure of delightful taste experience. Well then, nothing will be holding you back from enjoying the pleasing crunchiness of banana chips. Each bite will bring you a sea of happiness!

9. Masala Vada

Masala Vada

These golden-brown, flavorful masala vadas are like the rockstars amidst South Indian savoury snacks. These mouth-watering fritters that contains lentils as a main ingredient along with an enticing spice mixture will please your taste buds to explore your palate in every bite. Drink a piping hot cup of chai or coffee, lean back, and feast with your senses on the crispy goodness of masala vadai!

10. Thattais


Thattais, a commonly known snack in South also in India are made by combining, rice flour and urad dal flour with the mix of aromatic spices such as cumin seeds, sesame seeds as well as chilli powder. After that, the expertly and thinly formed dough is dropped into hot oil, where it cooks and crisps up into delicious treats. From a noon snack to a cup of tea, they all have a crunchy texture that makes them ideal for any snack time or occasion.

11. Madras Mixture

Madras Mixture

The madras mixture is commonly named the South Indian mixture, the kara boondi mixture or the dal/mixed boondi mixture. This is a savoury mixture of many different crunchy ingredients which include the boondi (gram flour pearls), the peanuts, the cashews, the sev (fried gram flour noodles) and spices. This spicy and lip-smacking popular snack is served with tea or during festivals.

12. Masala Peanuts

Masala Peanuts

These are a special kind of roasted peanuts that have been seasoned with salt, and coated in a spicy and aromatic blend of turmeric, chilli powder and spice profile, called chaat masala You can eat it as is or add it to other foods, such as chaat and salads, each You can have pleasant bite-size flavours.

13. Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit Chips

Crispy and golden, chips of jackfruit are made out of a process of cutting ripe jackfruit into thin strips and deep frying them into perfection. These mouthwatering tropical snacks are sweet and crunchy in texture, they also add a little more playfulness to snack time or a burst of flavour as a tasty topping to desserts.

14. Dabeli


Dabeli, a delectable snack from Gujarat, is a melange of different flavours which makes it so irresistible. Picture the taste of a crispy pav stuffed with a tangy potato filling, drizzled with a tamarind chutney dip, sprinkled with spicy peanuts to add a pop of flavour, some juicy pomegranate seed for the sweet element and finally topped with some crispy sev. Get ready for nothing but a trip to flavour town with such a delectable snack!

15. Ganthiya


Ganthia is a very popular savoury snack made from chickpea flour (besan) and mixed with powdered carom seeds, turmeric and chilli powder Traditionally made thin, crispy and long, fried in a deep fried pot, it was served as a crispy snack in Gujarat and surrounding areas.

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16. Mathri


Traditionally maida flour, spices such as ajwain (carom seeds), pepper and ghee are used for the making of mathri. These fried delicacies are often served with tea in a tiffin box or as during festive celebrations. However the change in lifestyle and the request for healthy products as well has resulted in most of mathri made of whole wheat flour instead of maida. Moreover, the recipes for mathri range from sesame seed or fenugreek leaf additions for the taste to remain delicious to the guests. The seedy addition add rich nutty flavour and makes it a balanced choice.

17. Pakora


Pakoras are the only food that can actually compete with the rainy season in India which is the ultimate comfort times. As the rain pours outside the window, imagine putting a crispy golden brown pakora filled with a fragrant combination of different veggies such as potato, onion, spinach into your mouth. Every time you have a bite, you can feel the burst of taste and the warmth of nostalgia. This is a snack that can bring the joy and happiness we need to brighten the gloomy weather of a rainy day.

18. Vada Pav

Vada Pav

A staple street food in Mumbai, vada pav is a special treat of spicy and crunchy aloo patties made with gram flour then sandwiched between sweet and buttery bread buns combined with sizzling hot vada and cold chutneys for an incredible explosion of flavours, the kind that very few Mumbai residents can resist on the streets of the city. It has become trendy on both the streets and in restaurants, ending up even in homes, which has contributed to its gradually growing influence within the culinary scene.

19. Masala Cashews

Masala Cashews

Masala cashews are cashew nuts, which are roasted and seasoned with flavorful spices combined like chaat masala, garam masala and dried herbs. These crispy and spicy nuts which are usually party favourites but also make for a delicious addition to salads or on topped of rice dishes.

20. Millet Snacks

millet snacks

Millet which is a part of Indian snacks is considered the most nutritious food. This has led to the increased popularity of millet snack in international market as a result of the growing trend to stay healthy and the unique taste it has. As a leading brand of millet-based snacks, Yummy Valley offers not only delicious products but also entirely free from palm oil, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Millet snacks from Yummy Valley are very high in fibre and proteins, and do not have any maida, thus, they are also called the guilt-free way to eat snacks for health conscious consumers on the go.

The trip through the top 20 Indian snacks reminds us of the memories of time spent with our family and the memories filling our hearts with nostalgia. These snacks, being passed down from generation, have a taste of our home along with our beautiful diverse culture, and have now travelled around the world. No matter where our roads lead us in the world, let’s keep savouring all these snacks as they embark on a trip full of culture and bring us closer to our heritage.

FAQs on Popular Indian Snacks

What are the most famous snacks in India?

Samosa, Bhel Puri, and Pakoras are some of the snacks made in all parts of India.

Which snacks are best for the evening?

The crunch and delicious flavours of Indian snacks like bhel puri, chaat, and pakora make them popular evening snacks.

Which state has the best snacks in India?

A variety of snacks are found in different states in India. The Gujarat khakhras and dabeli are popular in their long lists, while Maharashtra sees the great competition of vada pav and bhel puris. Ultimately, your perfect snack would be determined by your personal taste.